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The X-iser Machine®… not your typical stepper!

With our busy lifestyles finding an efficient and effective fitness solution is very important. Each person has a different reason for working out.

Whether it is weight loss, a time issue, increasing athletic performance or just wanting to look and feel younger we have the solution for you. The X-iser Machine® offers a total body workout in a compact, time efficient package.

Imagine you are going to sprint up a flight of stadium stairs.
In less than one minute you will find yourself out of breath, your heart racing and you will be exhausted.

This workout method is one of the best ways to burn calories, improve cardio conditioning and coordination.
In fact, it is well documented in science that sprint training is far more effective for weight loss, health and performance.

The unfortunate reality is most of us do not have the time or desire to go outside and sprint as hard as we can up a flight of stadium steps.

The X-iser Machine® provides everyone the ability to sprint train utilising a quick, safe and non impact movement with the portability to do it anywhere. With the unique design and adjustable speed setting, The X-iser® is great for any age and fitness level because it responds to your effort and ability.

The X-iser® provides training effect that few have ever experienced with any other physical activity, let alone a piece of exercise equipment. It was engineered to ensure correct hip and knee alignment, providing an optimal, impact free workout.

The hands-free design promotes the development of stabiliser muscles and correct posture, thus improving balance.

The nature of the hydraulics on the machine allows for a technique that produces a "static equilibrium", high-frequency stepping action.

What actually happens is, the body's center of mass (waist line) stays constant (meaning from the waist up you don’t move). Imagine balancing a glass of water on your head while the legs are stepping as fast as you can (that is 300 + steps in a minute for an elite athlete).

What makes this unique, is that in order to prevent the body's center of mass from moving up and down (as we see with all other stepping activities) both legs have to work equally against each other, on both the up and down strokes of the stepping action.

This "no recovery" protocol leads to tremendous strength gains, while the rapid left to right stepping causes tremendous neuromuscular development that transfers to unparalleled gains in performance. In addition, because of the cardiovascular demand of this challenging exercise, the aerobic AND anaerobic systems are both dramatically challenged, improving overall conditioning.

Numerous additional exercises are possible to introduce due to the unit’s size, portability, and uniquely connected hydraulic system.

Although the X-iser Machine® and the X-iser® programs are versatile and cost effective, the machine's unique ability to train the lower body in "static equilibrium" is what sets it apart from every other commercial or consumer product available in the marketplace today.

Once you have experienced The X-iser® you will have a full appreciation of the benefits. In summary, nothing can improve strength, balance and coordination, speed and overall conditioning as safely and as efficiently as The X-iser Machine®.




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" Xiser is a portable ergonomically correct sprint trainer. This unit can be kept at home or at the office for quick burst workouts that effectively mimic sprint training. It's perfect for the fat-loss lifestyle "

Jade Teta ND, CSCS
Keoni Teta ND, LAc, CSCS

Authors of The New Metabolic Effect Diet



 “World’s best stair climber!”

Paul Chek, CHEK Institute


" I use burst training with every client I have. It is not an option! Everyone gets on the
X-iser day one to experience what a real burst feels like!
The X-iser is an essential part of my celebrity business - Nutrition on Location - and the foundation of my personal training
routine as well! "

J.J. Virgin CNS, CHFI, Ph.D.

Nutrition and Fitness
Expert for:

ABC's Extreme Makeover
Dr. Phil Ultimate
Weight Loss Challenge
Nutrition on Location - Celebrity Fitness Consulting