Beat Shin Splints with The X-iser 

Everyday many sportsmen and women professional and amateur alike are devastated by the news they have Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) commonly referred to as Shin Splints.

If you are one of them you will know that the main causes of shin splints are repetitive take-offs from hard surfaces, impact, over training, sudden start /stops, incorrect form and over pronation (eversion)of the foot ect..

Which is why Shin splints effects almost all types of athletes including Runners, Footballers, Basketball players, Tennis Players, Rugby Players, and Gymnasts to name but a few.

You will also be aware of the two types of pain Shin Splints cause.

One, the physical pain such has tenderness to the lower Tibia (shin bone), swelling, and the pain triggered by loading the leg or when the toes and ankle point downwards. (Plantar Flexion)

The second has far more reaching consequences; it’s the pain of not being able train or take part in ones sport or activity.

This is because the first thing you must do to avoid a chronic condition is to give up training/competition as early as possible and you should not resume again until there is no pain under load and the tenderness over the Tibia has gone.

This inability to train has a devastating effect on an athlete’s fitness which leaves many struggling to regain “match fitness” for weeks and even months after training as been able to resume.

 Impact FreeTraining with the X-iser


The X-iser used in a Backwards Position

The best way to maintain your anaerobic,/aerobic fitness as well as muscle strength, endurance, power , speed and agility is to use the X-iser.

The X-iser is a unique piece of Fitness Training Equipment that allows you to perform high intensity sprint interval training (HISIT) impact free, while its patented variable resistance will allow a non impact endurance workout if preferred.

Further, the X-iser can be used in a backward position for working dorsi flexion range of motion (toes and ankle pointing upwards) thus reliving pain caused by plantar flexion (toes and ankle pointing down) it also helps tibialis anterior development, a muscle which supinates (inverts) the foot.

 This will help counter over pronation (eversion) of the foot which is one of the common causes of shin splints.

Not only will the X-iser maintain your fitness during your recovery period it will improve it.

And because prevention is better that cure using the X-iser regularly will help you stay injury free in future

Furthermore and more importantly by including the X-iser in your normal training routine in future it will help you break the pain cycle and stay injury free.

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X-iser is a Superb Rehabilitation Tool


* Always consult your Doctor before starting a training programme


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