Why Use the X-iser


  1. Time Efficient - In just 4-12 minutes a day you can get the minimum exercise needed to stay healthy and lose weight

  2. No Impact - The machine simulates running without the impact on the ground keeping your knees, ankles, hips and back pain and injury free.

  3. Balance - The X-iser has a the ability to improve balance because the nature of the stepping challenges the neuromuscular system thus improving balance.

  4. Strength - The "No Recovery Stepping" done on the X-iser will greatly improve lower body strength because it removes typical recovery cycles with traditional stepping.

  5. Compact - The machine only uses up two cubic feet of space meaning you can get your sprints in anywhere.

  6. Portable - Weighing just 14lbs and folding down flat the X-iser can become your workout on the road as well.

  7. Sprinting - Because the machine allows you to sprint you can reap all the benefits of sprint training without having to go to the track.

  8. Durable - The X-iser is made of aircraft aluminum alloy and stainless steel, meaning it is built to last a lifetime.

  9. Versatile - The machine also allows you to do a variety of exercises so you can get a total body workout.

  10. Efficient - Because of the time efficiency, compact portability and array of physical benefits it is the most complete single piece of equipment available.


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" Xiser is a portable ergonomically correct sprint trainer. This unit can be kept at home or at the office for quick burst workouts that effectively mimic sprint training. It's perfect for the fat-loss lifestyle "

Jade Teta ND, CSCS
Keoni Teta ND, LAc, CSCS

Authors of The New Metabolic Effect Diet



 “World’s best stair climber!”

Paul Chek, CHEK Institute


" I use burst training with every client I have. It is not an option! Everyone gets on the
X-iser day one to experience what a real burst feels like!
The X-iser is an essential part of my celebrity business - Nutrition on Location - and the foundation of my personal training
routine as well! "

J.J. Virgin CNS, CHFI, Ph.D.

Nutrition and Fitness
Expert for:

ABC's Extreme Makeover
Dr. Phil Ultimate
Weight Loss Challenge
Nutrition on Location - Celebrity Fitness Consulting